Why should I clean my lash Extensions?

Some of us are guilty of not wanting to clean our lash extensions for fear of them being damaged, aren’t we?  However, it can actually prolong their life!  Cleaning your eyelash extensions will avoid any build up of makeup, oils or dirt as this will prevent eyelash extensions correctly bonding to your natural lashes, therefore causing retention problems. In some circumstances whereby lashes are left uncleaned over long periods you can be prone to eye infections and in extreme cases LASH MITES! NO GIRL!!!!

Lashes are an investment –  we want you to get the most out of them. You don’t have to clean your lashes every single day, 2-3 times a week is sufficient and after wearing any heavy makeup. Your lash technicians will thank you for doing this the night before your infill as it not only makes your lashes fresh and last longer, but it makes our job so much easier. You will also be getting the most out of your appointment as we won’t need to use your infill time cleaning your lashes.

What do I use to clean my lashes?

Fancy Academy has our own specialised lash cleanser – Foaming LASH BATH.

The ingredients are formulated to ensure it does not damage or effect the bond of your lash extensions to your natural lashes in any way. Our cleanser also includes a lash brush to enable you to clean your lashes thoroughly right up to your lash line. Our lash bath is a concentrated product so usage is minimal, a little will go a long way! Added bonus – it smells like gorgeous, like flowers.

Why you shouldn’t use micellar water to clean eyelash extensions!

Micellar water contains micelles – which are indeed perfect for removing makeup, however a micelle is a lipid i.e. an oil, not a water as the name suggests! This does make it great at dissolving make-up, but it also weakens the bonds that attach your lash extensions on to your natural lashes – some may even come off straight away! This is one of the worst products you can use to clean your lashes, it is cheap and cheerful but you and your lashes will not appreciate it in the long term.  Girls, invest in a quality lash cleanser!

How can I clean my eyelash extensions correctly?

A Step by Step Guide

  1. One eye at a time, close your eye, squirt a small amount of Lash Bath onto your lash line.
  2. Use your lash cleansing brush, carefully work along your lash extensions using forward motions, sweeping from the lash line towards
    the end of your lashes.
  3. Once fully clean, you can leave your lashes to dry naturally or carefully pat dry with a clean tissue.
  4. When your lashes are dry give them a gentle brush into place with your lash wand.
  5. Grab a mirror and admire your fabulously clean lashes!

So simple! These easy steps will keep your lashes fresh and longer lasting – you can visit our shop to buy  lash aftercare products here.