Let’s talk about humidity. We’re all grateful for a bit of sun, aren’t we? But the hot weather isn’t always welcomed by Lash Techs. This one’s for those of you who want to learn about the science behind the heat and the affect this can have on your lashes.
What is humidity & why do I need to know about it?

Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. It is measured using a hygrometer (an essential in your kit!), which shows a percentage – basically, how much of the air is made up of moisture. Although we can’t see how humid it is, higher percentages of humidity are often referred to as “muggy” air.
As a Lash Artist, you need to know the humidity level of the room you are working in because this is a huge factor in how well your adhesive performs. Although every glue has a different ‘ideal’ humidity percentage & you should work to your adhesive’s recommended level to ensure your retention is not affected by this.

As a client, you need to be aware of humidity as this can explain why your lashes may not last as long during the summer months, and why your Lash Tech may suggest booking your infills a little more often. If the humidity in your room is too high, the air can cause your glue to cure too quickly. This means the bond to your clients natural lashes will be much weaker, and the eyelash extensions will not be attached properly, meaning they will fall out quickly. On the other hand, if the humidity in your workspace is too low, your glue will cure much slower. This means your lash extensions will take longer to bond to the natural lashes, increasing the likelihood of lashes slipping, or even sticking to each other.

How can I reduce the effect of humidity on my eyelash extensions?
If you find yourself battling against the humidity while creating your sets, there are some tips & tricks you can try to combat this.
Lash Techs:
• Get your room conditions under control and back to your adhesives recommended humidity
range. If it’s too high, get a dehumidifier or air conditioner to bring the humidity down. If it’s too
low, a heater or humidifier will help to bring the humidity back up!
• Get a slower/faster drying adhesive.
• Change your adhesive more often – keep an eye on how quickly your glue bead is curing on
your stone/in your ring & remember to add a new drop as soon as it begins to set.
• Book your clients infills sooner than usual.
• Avoid heat for 24 hours following your appointment- this includes sunbeds & saunas.
• Sleep with a fan on at night if the humidity is high during the day to keep your room cool and
make sure your glue cures well.
• Use a lash cleanser & sealant to keep your lashes clean and protected. My personal favourites
are the Fancy lash cleanser and Fancyfix sealant.
• Book your infill appointments more frequently than usual to keep your lashes topped up.

So there’s no need to panic when the temperature starts to soar – if you know your stuff & keep on top of your conditions you can continue to produce beautiful sets of eyelash extensions that last! Don’t sweat it, babe!

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