Let’s have a little think back to your lash appointment. Ever heard your lash tech repeatedly discuss lash isolation and placement and wondered what on earth they are talking about? If so, this blog is for you! Time to discuss all things isolation.

No matter what lashes you decide to have, whether it be classics, hybrids or russians, it is important that they are fully isolated and placed correctly on the lash. Some of you may know what this means, and some of you may not. So here is a little explanation.

Each lash that is placed onto a natural lash whether it be a single classic lash or a russian fan has to be placed on one single lash alone. Doing this ensures optimum comfort and lash safety for the client. We often don’t realise but we have hundreds of natural lashes which all grow at different rates, hence why it is so important lashes are isolated and a lash extension is placed on one natural lash. If a lash extension was to be placed on several natural lashes that grow at difference rates, the natural lashes growing at difference stages would cause irritation and discomfort for the client, as well as causing damage to the natural lashes as this can urge them to fall out prematurely. This is why it is often referred to as 1-1 application and reiterates the importance of the topic.

Whilst placing a lash extension onto a natural lash is severely important and is the lash techs job, the client has a duty too. It is often heard that “50% of the work is down to the lash tech and 50% of the work is down to the client”, which is true. If your aftercare is poor and you leave your lashes to get dirty and full of oil and makeup your lashes will either fall out prematurely or will end up sticking together and causing the same issue as stated above if the lashes were not isolated and placed properly. This reiterates the importance of isolation, placement and aftercare! If you ever wonder how to clean your lashes we have a Fancy Lash Bath available to buy that comes with a brush for just £12, keeping your lashes looking their best and in tip top health.

Always research your lash tech and make sure they are trustworthy, proper isolation and placement generally means a full set of russian lashes can take 2 hours+! Bare with your lash tech and be patient for amazing results – lash extensions should never ruin your natural lashes if applied properly and cared for properly! And don’t forget to wash those lashes babe! We care for you and your lashes!