We all love a set of fluffy Russian eyelash extensions, right? But what many don’t realise is the preparation for these sets. As a client, your eyes are peacefully shut throughout the treatment and so you will be unaware of how your lashes are created.

Russian lash extensions are made up of fans. This means that several fine lashes are fanned out before being dipped in the glue and attached to your natural lashes. Not only does this mean that the thickness of your lashes can be tailored to you, it also means your lashes are finished with a beautifully fluffy effect.

As a lash tech, there are two options available to obtain these fluffy fans: Pre-made fans, or Handmade fans. The purpose of this blog post is to educate you on the difference between them both & to explain why we at Fancy Academy always hand-make our Russian fans during your appointments.

Pre-mades are fans bought by lash techs already in their fanned out shape. They are then simply peeled off their tray and applied straight to the natural lash.
Handmade fans are made by your lash tech, during your lash appointment. Your service is made up of a repeated process: Isolate a lash, make a fan, attach to the natural lash.
The fan must be perfected before applying- this includes making sure the base is very fine and pointy, with no lashes sticking out.
In our experience, most Pre-made fans have ‘boxy’ bases. This means that the base of the fan is a square shape, rather than pointy. This runs the risk of overlapping several natural lashes & can cause them to stick together.
Furthermore, with handmade fans, your lash tech will have the ability to wrap the base of the Russian fan around the natural lash. Because the fan is made just before applying, the base will still be slightly flexible, meaning that with a little wiggle, the lashes in the fan can be forced either side and hug the natural lash tightly before setting. This means retention is boosted. With pre-made fans, the base has already been set, so this is impossible. They are simply placed on top of the natural lash. This increases the likelihood of lashes ‘pinging’ off when brushed… and no one wants that!

We think it’s an obvious choice, and one thing is for sure… Fancy Academy lash girls are team handmade fans!