Fancyfix Extreme Professional Eyelash Extension Glue


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Fancyfix Extreme eyelash extension glue is perfect for intermediate lash technicians. It has excellent retention and dries in 1-2 seconds ensuring you can give your clients the beautiful lash extensions they desire in no time at all!

The Details:

Level:  Intermediate
Room temperature: 20-23°C
Room humidity: 40-60%
Drying time: 1-2 seconds

Please note: Fancyfix Extreme is designed for intermediate lash technicians.

Fancy-FIX tips!

How do I get the best retention from Fancyfix Extreme lash extension glue?

The best temperature for Fancyfix Extreme lash glue is 20-23°C. and Humidity 40-60% So:

  • If your room temperature is lower than 20°C, Fancyfix Extreme may be drying slower
  • If your room temperature is higher than 23°C, Fancyfix Extreme may be drying quicker
  • If your room humidity is lower than 40%, Fancyfix Extreme may be drying slower
  • If your room humidity is higher than 60%, Fancyfix Extreme may be drying quicker

Remember that incorrect room temperature and humidity can cause poor retention for your clients.

How do I check my lash rooms humidity?

You can easily check your lash room humidity and temperature is just right by using a hygrometer.

How long will my glue last?

The shelf life of Fancyfix Extreme before opening is 6 months from the date of production. After opening, we recommend changing your glue bottle every 4 weeks for best retention, and maximum every 8 weeks. Using out of date or old glue can affect lash extension retention for your clients.

Please remember to store your glue in a standing position, in the dry place, away from direct sunlight. To keep an eye on the freshness of your glue, simply stick a piece of tape with a written date when you opened your glue. When shaking the glue, remove the lid and cover the nozzle with tin foil or wax strip. Remember to wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue.

If you notice that your retention is not perfect:

  1. Adjust the level of humidity and/or temperature in the room.
  2. Check if you have cleaned the natural lashes properly – we recommend using our Fancyfresh Foaming Lash bath and brush to clean the eye area from any dust or make up (make sure to rinse it well and make sure it is dry before lash application!)
  3. Check if your glue bottle is still fresh.
  4. Make sure to change your glue drop every 15-20 minutes and make sure the glue drop is the correct size – not too big or small
  5. Check if your attachment is correct – practice makes perfect!
  6. Do not add fresh glue to previous drops from the bottle

Check out the Fancy Academy Blog for more tips and tricks!

The glue for extensions eyelashes is for professional use only.

This product is:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Water resistant
  • Oil resistant

Safety Sheets for Fancyfix Extreme eyelashes adhesive is available to download here


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