Lash Off


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Hey you trying to pull those lashes off! STOP! Let’s get those lashes off, babe! Safely and easily. A cream based remover, used to remove lash extensions correctly. Preventing damage to natural lashes.

Ever used a remover that stings? Not this one. Lash Off is a creamy consistency to prevent the remover from running into your eyes.

Directions: Apply an under eye pad. With eyes closed throughout, apply the cream onto the lashes covering the glue. Leave for 5-7 minutes. Lightly tug the lash extension with a brush or tweezers and the lash extension will become detached, just like magic!

Follow by cleansing with Fancy Lash Bath to ensure all the remover is cleansed from the natural lashes.


H20, Propylene Carbonate, Poly Ethylene, Glycol, Polypropylene Glycol, Diamethylacetamide, 2-Oxoterahydrofuran, Paraba, Vinyl Poly Salt, Colour Agent.

Avoid contact with the skin and do not allow remover to get in the eyes.


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