SPRING/AUTUMN LASH SHED by FancyLashesbyJade – Jade Catlow

Ever noticed at specific times of the year you seem to lose more lashes than you usually do? Yet you’ve followed the aftercare perfectly, and you know it’s not your lash tech because they usually do an amazing job. So what could it be? The answer is lash shedding season!

Twice a year, roughly round about spring and autumn, we tend to lose more hairs on our body due to the season, just like animals shred their hair and trees shred their leaves. We don’t tend to notice hair shredding on other areas of our body, only our lashes because they are enhanced with lash extensions! And then we panic and wonder why??

The science behind this is that our bodies prepare for the seasons ahead. For example, it is believed that in summer, we get extra hair to protect us from the Sun. By the time autumn comes, this hair is no longer needed and sheds away, making it seem like we’ve lost more than usual!

This is completely normal and as lash techs we want to educate our clients on this so you know to expect it a couple of times a year. All this means for you is that you may need to schedule infills sooner than you usually would, and make sure your aftercare is top notch as always! Don’t worry, this will pass after a few weeks! After a couple of infills your lash cycle will be more regulated.

Clients – bare with us, this is no ones fault! Let’s work together and tackle shedding season